Short Fuse? 4 Ways to Keep Others from Exploding

June 20, 2019. Dealing with your own anger is an inside job, but dealing with the anger of other people can be even more challenging. When others explode, here are four ways to take care of yourself and stay protected.

4 Ways to Deal with Our Anger

June 6, 2019. Anger is a natural feeling. But often it's just a mask for other emotions. Here are four ways to handle our internal anger without lashing out or firing back.

3 Reasons People Relapse and How We Can Help

May 30, 2019. When we're struggling with addiction, relapse is common. It takes courage to connect with others and find intimacy. Here's how to lend support.

4 Ways to Avoid Defensive Behaviors

May 21, 2019. Projecting, making assumptions, and blaming can all alienate us and prevent us from reaching out. Here I share strategies to avoid these defensive behaviors so we can connect with others and move forward with love.

Keeping Your Boundaries Despite External Pressures

May 7, 2019. How do we listen to our hearts and our bodies and continue to feel good about ourselves, even when others knock us down?

Choosing a Corrective Experience: Part 2

May 1, 2019. In dealing with our past, we have to learn to set boundaries. Here's how to identify those cut-off points and move forward in peace.

Choosing a Corrective Experience: Part 1

April 25, 2019. By the time we're adults, every one of us has experienced at least one form of trauma. How can we create a corrective experience and work toward a healthy future?

Taking Back Your Power in Recovery

April 11, 2019. How to find courage, give yourself permission and get over negative energy on your path to recovery.

Feeling Your Feelings in Recovery

April 4, 2019. Listen to four tips on how to feel your feelings, sit with them, and not let them get the best of you.

Handling Rejection in Recovery

March 28, 2019. From reaching out, to making yourself vulnerable, it can be challenging to connect with others. Here's how I get through a fear of rejection.

Finding Empowerment in Early Recovery

March 20, 2019. This message goes out to folks in early recovery with insights from my personal journey overcoming shame and alcoholism.

Rejection Happens. How to Move Past It.

March 12, 2019. When you're on the journey to recovery, rejection from others can be painful and paralyzing. Here's how I work through it.

Connecting in Recovery - 5 Ways to Keep it Simple

It's not easy to connect with others, but it can be crucial to recovery. Here I share what's worked for me. 

Finding Compassion and Empathy in Ourselves

In this Believe in Big Change podcast for February 2019, I talk about compassion and empathy and finding strength and acceptance in ourselves to reach out to others.

A Look at Relapse and Why it Happens

In this first Big Change podcast for 2019, I share my personal experience with relapse and give insights in helping others who struggle with their own setbacks on the path to recovery.

The article referenced in the Podcast: Todd Marinovich is Learning to Be Human Again.

This Holiday Season, Take Time for You

Join me for my December 2018 podcast, where I encourage you to practice self-care, take the time for you, and create the space to be all-in.

Dual Diagnosis: What is Common for All?

Join me for November 2018 podcast where we talk about the common challenges of mental illness, substance abuse, and even homelessness.

Do People Really Want Help?

Join me for October 2018 podcast where we talk about what others really need on their journey to recovery.

Understanding and Overcoming Shame

Join me for this September 2018 podcast as I describe my journey recognizing and addressing shame.

Connection and Support for a Greater Recovery

Join me for this premier podcast - August 10, 2018