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3 Ways I Find Safety & Freedom from Codependency

April 17, 2020 This month I share 3 ways to protect yourself from codependency. These ideas have helped me tremendously on my journey. - Steve

4 Tips to a Beginner's Meditation

March 16, 2020  My tips for a beginner meditation during this stressful time in our world. Enjoy!

4 Ways to Recover from an Abusive Narcissist

February 6, 2020. Self-love, self-control, boundaries, and not playing the victim are all key drivers in my personal recovery. Here’s how to come from a place of love instead of insecurity and fear.

My Challenge to You This Holiday Season

December 17, 2019. This holiday and Christmas season, remember self-care. I challenge you to do one thing every day that focuses on you! Listen to this brief 10-minute podcast to learn how to take care of yourself!

Why Affordable Housing Isn't Affordable


November 21, 2019. A look at three reasons the current affordable housing model doesn’t work, along with the barriers to a real solution.

4 Simple Ways to Think About Homelessness


October 17, 2019. How to take a few minutes a day to increase awareness, break down differences, and tune in to the homelessness epidemic.

Homelessness and Loneliness: A Deadly Combination

September 23, 2019. In this second podcast on homelessness, I'm addressing chronic loneliness, which is associated with poor health outcomes and even death.

3 Facts You Should Know About the Homeless

August 15, 2019. Homelessness in our country is in a state of crisis. These are 3 facts I have learned about the homeless that are essential to understand if we're going to find solutions.

The Text and Phone Call that Saved My Life

July 25, 2019.  

July 29, 2019. 5 ways the courage and compassion of my family and friends inspired me to return to rehab for addiction.

3 Reasons Why I Was Afraid to Get Sober

July 9, 2019. A very personal message about why I become an alcoholic and what I had to overcome to get sober. 

4 Ways to Seek Safety and Clarity in Unhealthy Relationships

June 27, 2019.  Should I stay or should I go? How to slow down the pace of play and give yourself space and time to think. 



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