Job Opening - Life & Family Skills Program Director


The Program Director will be responsible for the program operational success of a new Life & Family Skills Program. In this newly established role, the Program Director will be responsible for program design, delivery and quality control; staff recruitment and training; and partnership development. 


Experienced program developer in the areas of:

· Mindfulness-based DBT

· Life and family skills programming including:

  • Focus & Self Control
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Social & Emotional Intelligence
  • Choice & Decision Making

Preferred, but not required:

· At least 2 years of experience (clinical knowledge) in the areas of mental health care and substance abuse counseling

· Master’s in psychology

· Solid business acumen

References Required

About the Organization

Believe in Big Change (BIBC) is a start-up organization empowering single at-risk mothers, by providing the necessary life, family, leadership and business skills, tools and platforms to move from surviving to thriving in their communities. 

BIBC’s model will be the first to bridge the significant gaps in the HUD Continuum of Care model that emergency shelters, missions, treatment centers and the affordable housing model do not meet. The BIBC mission is to solve the world’s homelessness problem by empowering single at-risk mothers.

The BIBC program will implement longer-term solutions that incorporate a “permanent supportive housing” model. The initial phase of the leadership program is expected to last eight months and be provided at the on-site facilities.

The Los Angeles-based BIBC Leadership Center is in its start-up phase, with opportunities for staff, donors, and supporters to play a critical role in its operations and vision. It is not a treatment center or a homeless shelter.

This position is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual to develop and grow programming that will have a direct impact on strengthening families and communities.

To apply, contact us.