We Believe in Big Change

 Steve is the Founder and CEO of Believe in Big Change (BIBC), a global community that’s vision and mission is dedicated to solving the world’s homelessness problem by giving ‘at risk’ women the best possible tools, skills and platforms to provide for and lead their families, communities, countries. He anticipates the opening of its first leadership center for single ‘at risk’ women and single mothers in the Greater Los Angeles Area in 2020. 

Steve is a volunteer, blogger, homelessness advocate and an accomplished entrepreneur and business leader. He is a recovering alcoholic who created Believe in Big Change in July of 2018 with an initial focus on shame resiliency through empowerment. In sharing his personal experiences his intention to provide hope, strength and inspiration to those struggling with addiction, mental health and other disorders and conditions. The first blog and podcast went live through various social media outlets in August 2018. 

Over the last decade Steve has volunteered his time in various capacities. He focused on business development at City Gospel Mission in Cincinnati, Ohio. At Los Angeles Mission he focused on interview preparation for graduating students and now recently joined the Fund Action Committee at Clare / Matrix Recovery in Santa Monica.

In July of 2015 Steve created Big Change Advisors (BCA), a unique M&A Advisory firm focused on buy and sell -side M&A transactions and capital consulting for hi-tech startups. With over 24 years of expertise and 40 transactions with an estimated value of nearly $850 million. A significant portion of BCA’s fees are donated to 501(c)3 organizations. Through the site and social media there have been dozens of blogs written and posted by BCA regarding the homelessness issue that is so prevalent in the Greater Los Angeles Area and throughout the United States.

From 1996 to 2007 Steve was an executive officer for Pomeroy IT Solutions. During that period, he rose from VP of New Market Development and CFO, to CEO & President. His strategies of controlled growth through acquisitions and several cost reduction initiatives helped the Company thrive while meeting and/or exceeding Wall Street expectations for over five (5) consecutive years. He also created and implemented the strategy to transform the Company’s product centric reseller model to that of a multi-national technology solutions provider focused on the tactical outsourcing of businesses deskside and infrastructure support needs. 

Sharing and Guiding

In my blog and podcast, I address  issues of homelessness, addiction, shame and recovery every month. I am also attending UCLA to obtain a certificate in Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counseling so that I can better make a difference for society and for people struggling with mental illness, addiction, substance abuse, and homelessness.